July 1, 2009

It's been a while

I apologize. It's been a while. I have not been keeping up with much lately. I seem to be on autopilot these days. I've been slacking on a wide range of responsibilites.
I've been tired.
Tired of being big and pregnant
Tired of being lazy
Tired of time going by so fast
Tired of becoming a slacker to all things I used to do (clean, cook...sometimes, scrapbook, taking pictures, doing things with friends)
Tired of taking everything for granted
Tired of trying to keep a rigid schedule for a one year old so he doesn't turn to a monster every day.
Tired of whining about being tired...you get the idea.

So anyway, sorry for not posting anything interesting.
What have we been up to? Well besides that Bryce is totally walking now...not much. It was a hot one last week. Boy was it hot! Bryce and I went to Michigan Adventure on Thursday to meet Aunt Judi and the kids and hang out at the water park. This boy was in heaven! Then friday we met Melissa and her boys at Meijer Gardens to splash around in the fun kid's garden and take a walk. (no pictures) Again...hot day! Glad to have some cooler weather this week.
I have the most cuddly, sweet, adorable little boy. He gives me hugs countless times a day, but for some reason he saves all his kisses for daddy. Not sure why? I take for granted what a sweet boy I have. I'm started to get a little nervous about baby #2...can I get that lucky twice?
I just had to throw this one in here. I was making dinner on Friday and Dan brings Bryce over to me laughing hysterically. He didn't say why, but upon closer inspection, it was because of the faux hairy chest he drew on our son with pen. Look closely... Nice.
I really want to start taking pictures again. This post was a stretch. Maybe if I get my camera out and just leave it around, I'll remember to take more. Have a good day!

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MelArcile said...

We had fun last Friday, we'll have to do it again soon!
BTW, Meijer has corn on the cob on sale this week 14/$2. Really good deal, thus the cooking of the corn on the cob. :)