September 24, 2009

Almost Big Brother

So, Bryce seems to be aware of the changes that are about to happen around our house. I'm not really sure how much he understands, since he thinks my belly button is the "baby". Heck, he points to Dan's belly button and says "baby". I'm a little nervous how the transition to "big brother" is going to go. Either way, I'm realizing that HE is not a baby anymore, he is such a big boy. I'm taking every chance I can to snuggle, hug, and give him my undivided attention before things get crazy.

Honestly, he does wear clothes, he just seems to be extra silly at bedtime before he gets his jammies on!

I've also been trying to be more aware of all the "new" things he is doing. His attitude and his mannerisms have changed so much over the last 4 or 5 months. He totally understands everything we say to him and it's amazing to watch him try new things and figure out how things work. He is getting into everything, climbing on everything, still putting everything in his mouth...nothing is safe around here! 16 months is a very busy age!

Despite the new temper tantrums, outburst, fits and such, I love all his silliness, craziness, and sweetness about this boy!

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