September 30, 2009

Still Cookin'

Being a scrapbooker and all, I wish I were one of those pregnant moms who took pictures of their bellies each month as they got bigger. Actually, wait, no I don't, and here are 2 reasons why:

1) I would never remember to take the picture
2) It's a depressing reminder of how big I keep getting.

So here they are, the only 2 belly pictures that exist from the entire pregnancy. I think these were about 2 weeks ago.

As of yesterday, the doctor says there has been no change and I am not dilated yet...yay! Great news. I love being pregnant, swollen, tired, achy, cranky, sore, you know, blissfully happy :) 2 more weeks to go.

No, my tummy did not get sun once this entire summer, so it looks pink and weird. I know.

1 comment:

MelArcile said...

You look fantastic! Can't wait to hear about your new little baby. :)