October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

Yeah, it's been a while. I feel the need to confess...er...deny a few things that I have not done recently!

While changing a poopy diaper, I did not turn away for a split second to get a wipe and have my busy little boy rip the diaper out from under him, sending the poop flying up in the air, do a flip, bounce off his forehead, then land on the living room carpet.

After many of Bryce's meals, I do not allow the wet, soggy food that has fallen from his grasp ( or been thrown on the floor) to just lie there until it gets hard so I can just suck it up with the dust buster rather than get on my hands and knees and actually wipe it up.

I do not allow things like this to happen because I'm just plain sick of saying NO all day...

Or things like this, while I'm trying to fold laundryOr things like this while I'm...NOT reading blogs, facebook, emailing. You know, enjoying the quiet that goes on when kids get into things they shouldn't.

I did not let my husband talk me into helping him cut down this dead tree in our backyard yesterday. You would not have found me, 9 months pregnant with a rope around my waist to act as a "counter weight" to help pull the tree in the direction it needed to fall. Nope, that would be just plain unsafe, and not at all White Trash!
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