November 19, 2009

Happy Halloween (oh, is it mid-November already?)

Totally forgot to post Halloween pictures! Better late than never. With Halloween falling about 2 weeks after Sydney was born, I didn't exactly have my "crap" together. I never bought Bryce a costume so a friend loaned us this amazing dolphin costume that she MADE herself! What? It was so cute and Bryce LOVED wearing it. It was a tad big, but that made it all the more fun to watch him try to walk in it! Too bad he only went to about 4 houses (and I ate all the candy he brought home).

Bryce and Sydney's first picture together. And it only took 2 weeks before I remembered to take one of the two of them.

No costume for Sydney, just a little Halloween onesie. Many trick-or-treaters asked what "his" name was. Maybe Orange and Brown was not the best outfit for her?
Syd looking like she's telling me off. Oh boy...and so it begins :) I knew having a girl would be trouble!!!

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