November 20, 2009

"not me" Monday!

After feeding Sydney a bottle of expressed breast milk, I did not sit by and watch Bryce pick up the bottle and CHUG the remaining 2 oz or so that she didn't finish with a big smile on his face. I did not find it funny that my husband was shouting from the kitchen to put it down and that it was gross. (um...what does he think the kid lived on for 8 months?)

With very little time to get myself ready in the morning, I did not almost smear Bryce's toothpaste on my C-Section incision thinking it was antibiotic ointment. (they look very similar...see!)

I certainly did not stay in my pajamas all day only to change both myself and the kids into real clothes around 4:30 so Dan would think we were actually dressed all day.

When I dropped Bryce off at the nursery yesterday at church, I walked into a room of screaming babies and realize the volunteer was there by herself because someone didn't show up . I did not consider throwing Bryce on the floor and running so I didn't get stuck helping. I did not want to come up with any good excuse I could think of so I didn't have to stay in that room! I did not leave Dan alone with Sydney wondering where I was. I did not spend the next hour holding runny nose screaming own included. (actually I did...I couldn't walk away and leave her by herself with all those rugrats)

I did not pick up the food that Bryce threw on the floor at breakfast this morning and put it back on his tray for him to eat because I am SICK AND TIRED of that kid wasting my precious cooking (ok, microwaved french toast sticks) on the floor!

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Sara said...

I love your "not me mondays" too funny! I'm glad you realized it was tooth paste before you used it! Ouch!