December 3, 2009

Hot date last night!

Ok, seriously, have you been to the movies lately? I have not. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last movie I've seen at the theater. These days, "renting" a movie is hitting the order button on the remote to watch something on-demand. We don't even drive to Blockbuster anymore! Back B/C (before children), Dan and I used to go several times a month. It was a treat. Man do I love movie theater popcorn...wait...I digress.
We decided to go on a date last night and see the movie Blind Side...very good movie by the way, I highly suggest seeing it. Makes you feel good. All I can say is thank goodness we had a gift card (that we forgot and had to turn around to go back and get, only to walk back in the door to hear 2 screaming children and my husband suggesting maybe we shouldn't go, but we did)!

Anyway, one adult ticket cost $9.25! What?? Last time I bought a ticket, it was like $5.00. I could not believe my ears when the girl told us it would be almost $20 to see a movie. Then of course you go to the concession stand, and it was another $11.25 for a popcorn and pop combo. Sweet Jesus! Again, thank goodness for the gift card (that didn't quite cover tickets and snacks), as well as the $2.00 off Entertainment book coupon we brought with us.

Wait, did I seriously just say "entertainment book coupon?". Ok, So let's recap my hot date last night:
-I was astounded at the rising costs of movie tickets, and made sure to voice my surprise to the very uninterested 16 year old girl that worked there.
-I bring coupons with me to buy my concession stand snacks
-I actually said the words, "I remember when tickets were like $5.00"

What just happened?

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Michelle said...

Maybe you left out the fact that it was a Wednesday night?! Ha! Isn't getting older great?