December 18, 2009

Merry Friggin Christmas

So this is what we get for trying to have some family fun!

Why all the crying you ask? Well...Last night we went to the Night Lights at 5/3 ballpark.
We thought Bryce would love it. Well, Once Sydney started wailing in the backseat, I had to jump back there to try to keep her quiet and we let Bryce sit up front with Dan so he could see the lights a little better. What a mistake!
He couldn't give a rat's tail about the lights. He played with the radio, the gear shifter, the heat controls...anything he could get his hands on. When we put him back in his carseat, saw the video! We got to listen to that the rest of the ride home. So much for a little frigin holiday festivities! Ba-Humbug!

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