December 17, 2009

not me! Monday

I did not somehow completely forget to change my child's diaper all day, to the point that, it not only weighed like 10 lbs, but it soaked right through his pants and his father did not point it out to me at 7:00pm that night.

My 19 month old child does not shout and yell at me when he doesn't get his way. There are NO balled up fists, giant wide eyes, and noise blasting in my direction at mach 10 when he is unhappy with my decision. He would never throw himself on the floor and go limp when I try to pick him up. I have a sweet little boy who would never act like that. (and I would never have to turn my head because I am laughing at such behavior)

I have not had to turn down requests for candy at 7:30am because someone found where the leftover Halloween candy is located. We do not allow junk food and sweets in our home!

On occasion I do not have to use the bathroom with one child on my lap while the other one rummages around getting into things like the plunger and toilet cleaner. That's right people, I do not crap with an audience. By the way, Bryce did not wave and say bye bye when I flushed either. Too much info?

I did not teach Bryce to do this (seriously...I didn't! He just did it on his own one day!) I have not secretly been waiting for this day for about 19 months now! He does not also "fetch" the phone and remote too! Yay :)

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