April 13, 2010

Birthday Gift Ideas for Bryce

I'm trying to get a list together of some things that Bryce may like for his birthday. (I cannot believe that kid is almost 2!) I'm sorry if this is horribly tacky :) I just have to have a list because I've been asked a few times and can never come up with anything! By no means to I EXPECT any of these things, these are just ideas!

-He really needs things to play with outside. We are getting a sand box this summer, so toys for the sandbox would be great.
-Also balls? Any kind and size, he doesn't have any!
- A slip & slide, or some kind of sprinkler toy to attach to the hose he can run through?
-He is obsessed with tractors and big trucks. Books about those would be great, or any kind of tractor/truck toy.
-We can never have too many pj's. I love the Carters 2 piece sets. They shrink a lot, so size 3T would be great. Otherwise he is in 2T in most clothes.

other ideas:

click here for info- Wagon
water table
I'm still not sure about a b-day party yet. This time of year is hard with Dan doing docks every weekend, but I will keep you posted if we do a party???

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