April 20, 2010

a good day

My tulips are finally here! I am so domestically challenged, so to see the beautiful foliage that I brought to life is very gratifying! Oh wait, I forgot I was super pregnant when Dan planted these bulbs, and nature sort of did most of the work. Oh well, it's my house and my blog, so whatever I say goes. Aren't they pretty?

Oh, did I mention Sydney sits by herself now? Yup, she certainly does! It's brief, but she does it!

...and I think she's rather proud of herself.

We rode bikes. (and by "we" I mean Bryce...and by "rode", I mean pushed our feet on the ground to build up speed and coast...because "we" are too stubborn to learn to pedal!)

We kicked the ball around the yard.
We chilled in the swing.

All of us... because heaven forbid Sydney gets to sit in the swing and Bryce not have a turn!

...and what is better than fat little hands playing in the grass?
Fat little feet playing in the grass, of course!
When she is being sweet, I could just eat this girl up!
today we had a good day :)

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Terri said...

Sara..those pics of Syd's foot and hand are beautiful. I wish I had taken picture like that of you guys when you were little!