May 14, 2010

french toast

Just a few short years ago, if someone would have told me how excited I would get over the most ridiculous things my kids did, I surely would not have believed them.

Like today at breakfast, Bryce picked up a full french toast stick and called it "Big", then picked up a piece that he chewed and spit out and called it "little" would have thought he recited the Declaration of Independence or something. I fah-lipped out!

It was amazing!
He totally gets it! There are days where I am certain this kid listens to nothing I say, but apparently something stuck! Yay!!! This means I'm actually imparting wisdom on him. Ok, he still eats chapstick and deodorant, but I can only do one thing at a time people!

1 comment:

sara said...

That's really cute Sara! Bryce looks older in those 2 pictures. Did you get a new camera? Those are good pictures...