May 10, 2010

Lucky Mom

Nothing will ever top my first Mother's Day, you know since my first born arrived on that very day and was pretty much the coolest gift you could get, but this one was a close second. It turned out to be a very nice, and busy day.

Since we are always up bright and early, we decided to go out to breakfast before it got crazy busy. I love Real Food Cafe, and once again, the french toast hit the spot! Not the greatest picture, but in my defense, it was early and I was totally unshowered.
The kids were both very well behaved (which you all know can make or break a restaurant experience). After breakfast I went to church by myself. It is a lot of work to bring the kids these days since it falls right during nap times. I have to say, it was nice to be by myself and actually drink some coffee while it was still hot.

On the way home, I stopped to get a relaxing pedicure! Very nice :) Dan picked up some flowers and got me the Photoshop Elements that I've been playing with the last 2 weeks. I bought myself this necklace for Mother's Day, and it actually arrived a few weeks ago.
Once everyone was fed and napped, we took a 4 mile walk {very ambitious for us!} around Reed's Lake.
It was a beautiful day for a walk! A little windy, but the sun made up for it.
The kids did great! Bryce jammed to the ipod, and Sydney actually slept most of the time.

After our walk, Dan made dinner for me. (ok, he browned some beef and added taco seasoning, but none-the-less, I didn't have to do it.)
Yum! Nachos and Margaritas :) My favorite!
Now if anyone knows who I can contact about petitioning to have Mother's Day happen once a quarter, please email me and I will get right on that.


MelArcile said...

What a wonderful day! Hey, where do you go to church at?

Misty said...

Hi, I just popped over to your family blog from your project life blog. We have the same shabby blog template (but I don't have your cute matching header), my toes are painted the same exact color right now, with white flowers on the big toes, and I have the very same necklace with my son's name on the circle and my daughter's on the flower. Oh... and the same color granite counter. Weird... Your kitchen is gorgeous btw!