May 4, 2010

Pick your battles

I like this saying. I try to remember it when I am loading up the circus to get to the doctor's office on time and I ask Bryce to find his shoes and he walks up to me wearing snow boots when it is a beautiful sunny 75 degree day. Well, this was one battle I was not going to have with him on this day. Fine, you want to wear snow boots with your shorts? Great! Let's get in the car.
My sweet little Sydney...looking all buff and delicious!
I think she's about to get a tooth because she is always making this silly face and pulling her bottom lip in. Aww...
It's always an adventure with these two. As you can see, Bryce finds ways to keep himself occupied while we wait for the doctor.
Sydney weighed 17.14lbs (75%), height 26 3/4 in (73%), and head 44cm (81%). Getting so big!

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