June 30, 2010


someday my house will not look like this all day long

someday I will stop wearing maternity underwear.

someday I will make exercise a priority

someday I will make dinner every night of the week

(who am I kidding) someday I will make dinner 2 times in one week.

someday I will put the laundry away as soon as it is washed and folded so it doesn't sit in the basket at the end of our bed in hopes that Dan puts it away (*side note...this does work, but it takes, on average, 2 weeks)

someday I will drop 2 teenage kids off at high school and wish I would have appreciated the time I had with them when they were babies

someday I will make friends with my neighbors

someday I will look in the mirror and be really pissed that I didn't stop picking at my zits

someday I will keep the tv off the entire day

someday I will embrace my c-section scar (probably not any time soon though)

someday I will be able to drink an entire cup of coffee without having to microwave it 5 times

someday my husband will get it that I do not enjoy being spoken to for at least 5 minutes after I wake up


Michelle said...

Good point!

Heidi said...

ABSOLUTELY!! ditto ditto and ditto.. right down to the scar baby!

Terri said...

You crack me up! I am 53 years old and I still have not embraced my c-section scar!...but it was worth it to have you guys!

Sarah K said...

I'm there with you! My house looks the same, my coffee is cold, the laundry is in the basket, and I'm watching Curious George. Awesome, huh?