July 8, 2010

Fourth of July Photos

I've been quite lazy this week.  Just getting around to uploading the pictures from our weekend. 

Jeff and Emily were in town from Pittsburgh, as well as Uncle Tom, Raiden and Makiah from Oklahoma.   We had a bbq and went swimming at Dan's Parents house Saturday and again on Sunday because the weather was so nice.

Bryce + Tractor = happy boy!
The boys getting ready to launch the new raft with slide.
Bryce, of course, had to supervise and give directions.
Yay!  Here is the raft all ready for the first rider!  {we could really use a ladder to get up there though...you should have seen me try to get up there...and yes, I actually went down the slide...and no, it was not pretty!}
I knew this guy loved to swim, but I really had no idea how much! 
He would run to the dock...
...get ready {whether anyone was waiting for him or not}
...and off he went!  No fear what-so-ever!  The whole afternoon went like this:  run, jump, swim, repeat.
Then Maddie jumped...
Then Makenna jumped...
Then Anthony jumped...

And Sydney sat on the beach looking as cute as can be.  Man, don't you want to just take a bite of those arms?? 
She appears to be as fearless as her brother.  I had to hold her back from diving head first into the water.  She was nuts!  Loved it!
Everyone had a great time swimming, playing, eating, relaxing.  It was such a beautiful weekend. 

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