October 27, 2010

Dolphin flashback

I was explaining to Bryce what he wore for Halloween last year, then remembered that I had a video of him in the handmade-and-too-big-borrowed-dolphin-costume because I just had a baby and didn't make it to the store to get him one.  After showing him this video, he would not stop saying  "I dolphin, please".

He was cracking up and wanted to watch it over and over.  It is quite funny.  What I couldn't believe was that just 12 months ago, my little boy sounded like such a baby!  Even more, that 2 weeks before, I popped out another one?????  I literally had two babies last year!  If you listen closely, you can hear a little "coo" come out of Sydney.  I think I was wearing her while taking the video.  Nice to have this, because I don't remember the newborn weeks...at all.  Enjoy! 

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