October 26, 2010

Right now

  • both of my kids are napping at the same time and it is AMAZING ;)
  • the wind outside is making me nervous (just passed the expiration of tornado warning)
  • there are a million things I should be doing (i.e. showering, laundry, cleaning up breakfast seeing as it is 1:00pm, working out) but I am sitting on my computer wasting time.
  • i have no cable because our power went out yesterday and fried the cable box...or something?
  • i am eating halloween candy
  • i am super excited for my ann taylor loft order to arrive in the mail
  • i am super anxious for my husband to see the credit card bill :/
  • i am wearing the same pair of jeans for the 4th day in a row
  • i am eating more halloween candy
  • i am very thankful

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