October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Sydney! 10-10-10

Somehow I blinked and an entire year went by?  It seems like I was just being told that my baby was breech and they were going to cut me in half and rip her from my loins.  Ok, it wasn't that dramatic, but it still sucked.  Crazy how fast time flies. I digress...Sunday was Syd's first birthday, 10-10-10.  We lucked out and had, pretty much, the most gorgeous day this entire year.  Thankfully we were able to be outside and enjoy the amazing weather {and use the new patio that went practically untouched all summer, Bonus!}
Yes, I busted out my Martha Stewart-ness and hand made her banner and her cupcake toppers {you know, since I didn't bake or cook anything for the party.} 
 The pink frames have a picture from every month to show how much she's grown.
awwww!  Big girl in her fancy dress. 
Despite catching her in four whole pictures with presents, I opened everything while she played with tissue paper from the first gift.
After seeing the cupcakes turn my fingers neon colors from removing them from the box, I scraped the frosting off of Sydney's and replaced it with white.  ;)
She loved it.
It was kind of bittersweet celebrating her birthday.  I am constantly trying to stop myself from wishing the time away.  I often look forward to the kids being older and more independent so things will get easier.  Let's face it...life with kids will never get easier!  I need to snuggle that little baby for as long as she will let me, because soon I will be posting about turning 13 and wondering how the hell this happened. 

Happy First Birthday Sydney Claire!
{we love you soooooooooo much}

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Michelle said...

I'm in awe of your amazing craftiness! Super-cute stuff, Sara! I wish we lived closer to each other. Happy Birthday Sydney!