October 8, 2010

My city is cooler than yours...

These are just a few of the Art Prize exhibits that we saw while we walked around downtown.  We didn't make it to the Art Museum where many of the top 10-ish exhibits were.  Still amazing to see everything outside though!
Why do I bother with the frickin double stroller when only one kid will sit in it?

underbelly of a flying pig.  wow, never thought I would say that?
World's largest greeting card.
wall of recycled...um...stuff?

I really should have paid attention to the names of the exhibits.  I was too busy chasing around a loose 2 year old.  These were mirror mosaics.  Soooo cool.
Elephants {or woolly mammoth??} made out of scrap metal.  See close up.

Bryce tickling the ivories.
These balloons are actually huge when you see them up close.  This arc was much bigger than it appears.
Taking a little break to rest and stretch our legs. {you know...those of us that didn't have to actually walk everywhere}

I waited with Sydney while Mom and Bryce went to check out the Ice sculpture.  Here is Bryce's chubby little hand holding a picture of what it looked like.  Yes...that is all made of ice!!!

I feel very lucky to be able to drive less than 10 minutes and spend the afternoon surrounded by fun art and creativity.  OH...and did I mention the winner won $250,000??  Amazing! 

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Melissa said...

Thanks for posting the Today show segment. I knew they were in GR taping it, but I didn't know it had aired until after it was on. I agree, we live in the coolest city ever!