January 25, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do

We had a busy weekend around here (by "we" I mean Dan).  We hadn't cleared the driveway in a while, so he took Bryce outside to snow blow with him.  Bryce LOVES helping out in the yard, and since the bubble mower is in "hybernation" for the winter, he found the next best thing...a shopping cart.  He pretends this is his snowblower.
The cold didn't bother him one bit.  He kept walking up and down the driveway with Dan pushing that little snowblower of his.
It was so cute to watch them out there.
Then while Bryce was napping, Dan next project was cleaning the carpets.  Of course Sydney had to help out too!
She thought she was pretty cool with her little purple vacuum.
Glad these two are finally pitching in around here! :)

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