April 12, 2011

April 4-April 10 (week 14)

I have decided to start doing all my Project Life Tuesday posts over here from now on.  Keeping up two blogs seems a little much, so everything will (hopefully) be combined into one. 

I've archived all my Project Life posts for 2011 under the Project Life tab at the top. (you know, if you are really bored!)

I was hoping to get to Costco before today to pick up my prints and get a picture of my layout for the week.  Not so much.  So here are our photos from last week:
Caught the kiddos actually playing quietly and nicely together (ok, it was only parallel play, but there was no screaming or fighting.)
Is it redundant to have your project life picture be about project life?  Spent the morning catching up on two weeks of my photos and put together my journaling for our Savannah trip.  Very happy with the results.

Met Mee-maw and Papa and the cousins at Spring Lake Aquatic Center to swim and celebrate Makenna's birthday.  (missed A&A because they were still changing...and Ben of course)  Bryce and Syd had a blast!
Hung out with Cortney and Aiden for the morning.  She was also nice enough to meet me at the dealership so I could leave my car for an oil change while we were out.  This is our circus packed up and ready to cruise around. 
Syd had her 18 month well visit today.  Such a big girl! :)  Thankfully we were just a few days shy of her next shot, so we were able to get out of there quickly and without tears.
The kids and I drove over to Meg's to celebrate Madi's 4th birthday.  (she and Nate are rocking out the Dance game on the wii)  It was a nice afternoon playing with cousins and catching up with family.
Today we were blessed with the most beautiful Sunday ever!  We spent the entire day outside and loved every single second of it.  Played, grilled, relaxed and even had a fire too!  Great way to end the week.

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packmom said...

Great shots this week. Glad you had such a good Sunday.

Rene' Sharp said...

Your photos are totally awesome, and wow, your album is looking fabulous!! Sending you smiles from South Africa :)

Christie said...

Great idea to capture current stats for your 18 month old! I love your layout and journalling also.

Relaxing outside all day is a great way to wrap up the week and refresh for the new one ahead.

Have a great week!


Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

I just recently found that you had a blog...I started one in February. Im still figuring out what my theme will end up being. You are still just as sarcastic and funny as I remember! I love all the pictures.