April 11, 2011

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was the most ridiculously beautiful August April day.  I think we hit 85 degrees.  While I LOVE early spring/summer days, they are such a tease since it's back to gloomy and chilly today.  What the heck??? 
Oh, well...we certainly enjoyed it while it was here. 

The entire afternoon was spent outside playing, grilling, reading and having fun.
At one point while Sydney napped and Bryce quietly played in his sandbox, Dan and I sat on the patio (possibly with a cold alcoholic beverage in our hands), looked at each other and said "this almost feels like vacation".
I carefully handed Bryce my camera and asked him to take a picture of us...clearly he needs a little practice with the SLR.  (please excuse the crotch shot)  So instead, I had Dan catch Syd and I.
She was rockin' some awesome half piggies yesterday.  (and a skirt!  she never does that!) 

Later, we grilled some steaks for dinner with probably the best twice baked potatoes known to man, then we had some friends over for a fire. 

It's sad that it was so short lived, but we sure lived it up while we could!


Kara said...

Amazing weather to come back to, and so hard to go back to work! 9 more weeks!

Janine said...

Ah-mazing DAY indeed!!! Loved our first campfire of the year-can't wait to chill on your patio all summer(-: Pretty sure my kids wont ever venture over to your yard alone after you put the fear of death in them about the jaguars(-: Ha! It was a fun spooky walk home.