May 11, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Bryce!

Today you turn three.  THREE!?!  That seems impossible.  Just yesterday you were a tiny little peanut.  The best baby any new mom could ask for.   You went with the flow no matter what the situation.  You started sleeping through the night around 2 months and have been a pretty good sleeper since then.  You've always been so funny and full of energy.  Each day you become more and more curious.  Now that you are understanding so much, I am amazed with the questions you ask and the way you need to know everything.  I love your passion and ability to make everyone laugh.  You are definitely a "people person" and I look forward to seeing who you will become.  I love you bud!!!  Happy Birthday.

Happy Third Birthday Bryce!


Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

I LOVE the fresh out pic, the super squeeze, and the bowl hat ensemble! Crazy cute pictures, time flies when you're having fun!

Tara Sobie said...

AWESOME collection of pictures - I should have known this would be a memorable one ... :) Love you Bryce!