May 24, 2011

May 16-22 Week 20

No album photos for this week.  :(
Gorgeous day, but I was pretty much maxed out with life.  Tried to relax on the deck for a few minutes while I ignored encouraged Bryce to play in the backyard during Syd's nap.  Shortly after I snapped this picture I had a full blown meltdown.
As a result of the meltdown mentioned above, I decided it was time to use that gift certificate from Christmas and treat myself to a little "spa afternoon".  Brought the kids to Muskegon and Pat hung out with them so I could enjoy a massage and pedicure.  Amazing.
Beautiful White Lilacs from the neighbor.  (He gave them to us...I didn't swipe them)  They smelled great and really made the house feel springy!  (I borrowed Dan's growler jug for beer...kinda trashy...I know)

Thursday...Mom came to watch the kids so I could get my hair did.  Speaking of kinda trashy...wowza!  I didn't get a picture, but hopefully soon I will snap a pic.  Loving the cut and color (even though Dan tells me it looks exactly the same.).

Met Troy and Sarah for dinner at The Score.  Besides the crazy heat and zillion mosquitoes, it was a fun night.

Dan worked all day and Tara came over so we could work on PL stuff.  So nice having her here to pass the time :)  Met Cassie for drinks and munchies at Bone Fish.  We should have done the picture before drinks because I was laughing so hard trying to take this self timer shot I about peed.  Don't kill me Cassie!

Another attempt at self timer.  Man, I suck.  Dan and I both look awkward and Bryce is looking dead into the camera.  Way to be subtle kiddo.  Had a nice afternoon as a family playing outside and went shopping for new patio furniture.  Had a bite to eat at Brewery Vivant on the patio.

Check out The Mom Creative for more Project Life photos :)


packmom said...

I can so relate to your meltdown--that was my Tuesday last week. Love the white lilacs :0)

Tara Sobie said...

We are all entitled to a melt down .. so just brush it off and call me to come across state to visit ANY TIME :)

I personally think the timer pic is cool too ... btw. and of course your massage bed - before you used it ;) lol

Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

Meltdown, nah not with 2 small kids, thats like a daily scenario for me! I survive with Lots O wine! At night when they are in bed ofcourse!

hapi said...

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