May 19, 2011

Project Life Week 19

Is this even week 19? I can't keep track anymore.  What I do know is that I was a few weeks behind in my album and spent much of this week trying to catch up on my journaling.  Voila!

April 25- May 1

(Yes, Janine...I'm a creeper and I totally used this picture that you emailed me!   I didn't have a picture from that day, so this one was perfect!  Thanks Chica. )

May 2-May 8

Inserts I wanted to keep from the week.  Mother's Day cards, Bryce's b-day party invitation/thank you cards I made, and Pictures/tickets from Kenny Chesney.  Lots of "extras" this week!

              Front                                                                             Back

May 9- May 15 (I just realized tues and wed pics are wrong...have to go back and fix that!)

...and there we are.  All caught up!  Hopefully I will have the rest done by Tuesday :)  We'll see!


Tara Sobie said...

Okay you - so much to say! :) I LOVE this .. per usual. I especially love that you have been decorating and inserting pictures on your "date cards" ... awesome. I've been cutting the "extra" paper and rounding the edges where I don't have pictures. What do you think of that? :)

I love the extras .. I still have to figure out my sewing machine, I have tons of stuff to sew for this! :( oops. My mom says it's easy, but I'm not sold.

LOVE that you trimmed your journal card and put it on another for Bryce's bday - VERY cute. Love it even.

I always love the "extras" you put on, like the bike circle on the big boy bike journal card. Always.

You are a genious about the paci - your mom actually was the one to bribe me to get rid of mine. I got a Mermaid Barbie from Kmart..I still remember. (PS - I'm 24 lol)

You're my hero!!! <3

Melissa said...

You got a Gardens membership! We totally need to go some time this summer! My kids love going there...

The Blackburn Buzz said...

Awesome! Way to get caught up. LOVE all the pics of your album - what a great keepsake for your family!

So clever with the Paci! Way to go, mama!