May 10, 2011

Project Life | Week 18

Once again, I didn't pull it together and order my prints to take a picture of my album this week.  That's life.
Brought the kids to Java Gym this morning.  I love this place.  We stayed for over 2 hours and there was not one complaint from either of them. picture :(  Puking baby.
Went out to dinner with the girls from Bible Study.  We finished up last week and wanted to get together for a night out.  Forgot to take a picture, so I swiped this from the website and it is awful and grainy.
Ben and Cassie came over to hang out and the kiddos had a little dance party. 
Today was such a beautiful day and all the flowers and trees are starting to bloom.  Snapped a few pictures around the yard.

The day I have been waiting for for over 2 years.  After a brief absence, Kenny Chesney finally came back to Grand Rapids.  This was the most amazing night.  We had a BLAST!!  I had so many pictures from the night, it was hard to choose just one.  I will probably end up doing a digital page or something??
Celebrated Bryce's birthday today.  Since he was born on Mother's Day, his party has been falling on Mother's day weekend for convenience sake.  (mostly due to Dan's work schedule)  I'm thinking I really need to crack down and reclaim this day for me!!!!!  Again, we had tons of pictures from the party, so I just used his party invite as my POTD. 

Want to see more Project Life pictures?  Swing by the Mom Creative.  Happy Tuesday!!


Veronica said...

Cute pictures, I like the one of the dance party and your son's bday invite. Don't worry about being behind putting your stuff in your PL album, last night I printed 50+ pictures last night to put in my album! I think I'm a little behind!!

Sarah K said...

I love Bryce's birthday invite! So cute!

Kara said...

So you like Java Gym? I want to take the boys there..I think they would love it and it sounds like they would love it!! I love the picture of Bryce with the freakin' adorable!

packmom said...

Totally cute party invite and love those spring flowers.

Tara Sobie said...

You would be so proud of me ... I did all my journaling and just need to get all my pictures printed. :) Love the pic of the dance party - these kids are awesome


Susan said...

Great shots. Loved the flowers and the invite.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love those flowers. What a great invitation. So cute!!

Rene' Sharp said...

Great photos Sara, I especially love the dancing one and the flowers!! :)

Christie said...

Great pictures again this week. What a cute invite...? Love this idea, I may steal it from you!