June 22, 2011

Guess what time it is?

Yes...time to start running again.  Correction.  The time to start running would have been a few months ago, but since I have procrastinated, the time is now.  I officially have 10 weeks to prepare, or "train" if you will, to run 8 miles.  I figured if I put it out there, I might actually stick with it. (?????)

After my sad attempt to run this race last fall I am determined to try this again.  I even worked out a training schedule and everything.  I am only on day three so I still have a LONG way to go.

Here is why this is so challenging for me...  
  (photo taken in March)
Fifty + pounds of children that I have to push in front of me as I run.  Oh, did I mention that I HATE running?Awesome.  If I didn't have so many jiggly parts, I wouldn't be so motivated to do this.  However, my parts are quite jiggly and I have several extra pounds I could do without.

SOOOOOOO...this is what I have to work with, and darn it...I am going to do it.
If I bribe them with snacks and let them watch Blue's Clues or something on the ipod, they are pretty well behaved.  
I even let them bring their bikes and take a ride after our run.  (this was interesting)
Pretty flowers along the trail.  Don't worry, I took them on the bike ride...not the run.  I couldn't slow down my 11 minute miles! ;)
 I love that we have this park close by that is completely flat, paved, and easy to run.   Right now, I am confident that I can do this.  I hope to keep it up!  Wish me luck. (or come babysit my kids 3-4 times a week.)


Mira said...

Good luck Sara, you can do it! :))

Tara Sobie said...

Jeff and I had just mapped out a "schedule" for training a few days ago starting next week!

We are just starting to run with the goal of running .. he's going to be my personal trainer and if he's going to be training me, he has to do it too - haha it should make us closer or hate eachother LOL!

We will see how we do .. or IF we do.. but either way, this chick needs some excercise!!!