June 7, 2011

May 30-June 5 Week 22 (?)

To my surprise, my jury duty ended today.  Woo-Hoo!  Well, I never actually made it to the actually "Jury" part...I was chosen in one of the rounds of selection, but apparently the defense attorney in my case never showed up so we were all excused.  Whatever.  I'm just glad that is over.  Back to my extremely important schedule of butt wiping and house cleaning :)

Last week was pretty uneventful.  No inserts or extras, just my 7 photos from the week.
New flowers for the yard, hanging in the sandbox, Syd's laundry list of injuries, my family portrait in chalk, Bryce and his slip-n-slide.
Seriously, this poor girl had a rough week.  This needed to be documented.  (you know, so no one calls CPS on me.)
Bryce's fancy new haircut by yours truly, Syd running from the slip-n-slide, Syd with a few little friends at church.  BAD picture, but one of the only pics I've ever seen with a smile that big!
I had my 2010 album out today and this kid looked through almost the entire thing saying "look mama, see that truck, look mama, there's you and dada, look mama, there's me and Sydney in the tub, look mama, there's....."  I'm glad someone else enjoys these albums as much as me!!!


packmom said...

Love the band aid over the picture. Nice touch! Cool shot of you relaxing while the kids play in the sandbox too.

Terri Hocking said...

I loved looking through your book too. I admire you for keeping up on it. You will have so many awesome memories to look back on. Even the simple ones :) Wish I would have done something like that while you guys were growing up. Hey...I'll be in vext weeks post...right? lol

Love ya...Mom