June 9, 2011

Baby Announcement!

Come on!  You didn't think I was talking about me, did you?  :)

We have a darling little bird's nest under our deck, and I was so surprised to find 4 little eggs in there on Tuesday.  I haven't noticed any activity going on near the deck.  In the past years, Mama bird would be frantically flying back and forth from the deck to the tree.  We peaked through the cracks and there they were!
An even bigger surprise was went I peeked into the next the next morning and they had begun hatching.  I don't know what came over me...but I was so thrilled!  It was so cool to see them in their very first hours of life.  I couldn't believe how tiny and naked they were!  over the course of the day, all 4 of them hatched.  Every once in a while, one of them would lift his head up with his beak open so wide in hopes of some food, then he would drop his head in pure exhaustion.  
The kiddos have loved watching the babies through the deck and seeing them move around in the nest.  Mama bird however...she has not enjoyed our interest in her babies.  She is ALWAYS close by.  As a mother, I feel terrible for her! :)
So now they rest, all snuggled together.  I'm so excited to watch them get bigger and eventually fly off :)  Hopefully more pictures to come!


Christie said...

That is so cute Sara! Life is simply a miracle, birds are no exception! I have to be honest, I did think you were making an announcement about you!!! Have a great day.

Melissa said...

Yeah, you tricked me!
Cute birds. Great learning experience for the kiddos!

Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

My heart was beating fast for you...holy crap 3 is A LOT, always the jokester! We actually had a birds nest on our DTE meter at purr old house, we were able to watch the whole process...it's so sad eventually they fly away and don't come back.

Terri Hocking said...

Sara...you are awesome! Keep up the good word! I love it ....Mom