June 3, 2011

My City is cooler than yours (part 2)

I'm not trying to brag or anything (ok...maybe a little bit), but my city probably is cooler than yours.  Remember when I wrote this post?  Well, Grand Rapids kicked it up a notch.

I've seen this video floating around facebook and even some friend's blogs, but honestly...I kept telling myself I didn't have 8 1/2 minutes to sit and watch it.  (Crazy, I know??)  Well, I just did, and I was not disappointed!

Are you kidding me???  How cool is this?  Not being a Grand Rapids "Native", I can proudly say that I chose to make this city my home and will boast about what a flipping awesome choice I made ;)  Ok...I know this is a little cheesy, BUT...This is the city where I first moved away from my entire family and became an adult.  I received my college education.  I met my husband.  I got married and laid down some serious roots.  I conceived, birthed, and really became a mother to two of the coolest kids on the planet.  Yes, we may live in the "bible belt" and it is rather conservative for someone who grew up in the "D", but clearly there are some cool people that live here and are full of ridiculous amounts of creativity!  I have met so many wonderful people and my family and I have been blessed with some AMAZING opportunities because of this city.  (...and to think, Dan and I almost took a job in Milwaukee 6 or 7 years ago.  How different our life would be right now?)

  My only negative comment about this video is...WHY THE HECK WAS I NOT INVITED TO BE A PART OF THIS????  I must have been busy that day.


Melissa said...

Yeah, we were ABC World News Now persons of the week because of that video. Pretty cool. I totally agree - we live in one of the coolest cities in America!

Terri Hocking said...

I'm jealous :) How about if Steve and I move to Grand Rapids too?