June 16, 2011

Project Life Week 23

Yeah, This "Project Life Tuesday" link up is a little tough for me on certain weeks.   Either way, I'm caught up, and that's all that matters!  Here was our last week in pictures!
I've been coveting these flip up 4x6 protectors, but went to my local scrapbook store and they were out of them.  The thought of ordering them online at $8-ish, then paying shipping seemed ridiculous.  I thought I would go ahead and try to just make my own.  Yes, a little ghetto, but basically the same idea. :)

I was able to get a 4x6 journaling card, along with 2 4x6 photos in one spot.  Pretty cool.
This week we discovered a bird's nest under our deck, and they hatched the next day.  We've been busy with all the baby bird watching around here, so it deserved a little attention. 

Sydney was 20 weeks on Saturday, so I put an extra little picture on the title card.  Clearly this one shows her personality at the moment.
Also, I love these washi tapes from American Crafts.  I was stalking admiring them over at "Our Life" (love, love, love her Project Life album!) and she was nice enough to tell me what product she was using.  Thanks Shelly!  I totally bought them as soon as I could!  LOVE them!

I'm still linking up over at the Mom creative.  I haven't even checked to see if she did a link up this week...so...maybe not.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome update! ... love what you did with the tapes :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your project life album. Where do you get all the tags you use? I love all the little extras you add. Really gorgeous - very inspirational. Off to work on my album now. Thanks for sharing! Brandi~

Terri Hocking said...

Oh my gosh...I just love the picture of the frog in Sydney's boot!