August 18, 2011

Project Life

It's been a busy few weeks around here.  We just got back from an awesome (child free) trip to Upstate New York, I was in a good friend's wedding the weekend prior, before that we spent lots of time in water due to the ridiculous Michigan heat and humidity.  Needless to say, not much time has been available to work on my album.  Here are the past three weeks:

July 18-24:

July 25-31

August 1-7  (this was a big one...lots of "extras" to include.)

Is this the coolest Wedding invite you've ever seen?  Especially because the wedding was at the Fillmore Theater?  (Ticket, theater, get it?)
(Please excuse my white trash nails.  Haven't found the time to sit down and repaint.  Gross)  The bottom photo was actually part of the tri-fold envelope that surrounded the actual invite, but for space I cropped it.  Amazing.
 Memorabilia I saved from the events leading up to the wedding and such.

Yikes...I guess there were 4 weeks I hadn't finished!
August 8-14:

 Mom took a picture and sent it to me on the way home of Bryce "following" us on the map to see where we were.  They would hi-light our trip when we called or text to check in.

 Back side of Map were a few more photos taken while the kids were with Mom.  Didn't realize all the misspellings until I was putting everything in the album.  Oh well!

And there it is.  Half of my summer in one post.  Wheeeeew!


Tara Sobie said...

You are amazing. This whas just the kind of post I needed to keep me entertained a while. You're the best.

I LOVE the little things that you add. Love the picture of Bryce on his 2.5 foot slide! Wooo!

Also loving the title cards - you inspire me. I need to be better.

There is a shadow of you in July 24 taking the picture and it is a super cute add on to the pic.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the surprise face of Syd in the towel .. I need to get up there before summers over.

Clearly love the family pic and the GIRLS pic in our pool!! :)

I totally have some of the title cards with two pics like yours ready to print! I really need to get my album up to date. I have a ton of pics printed. Turns out I should have brought my PL stuff on vacation - WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

Last but not least .. I love how cute your mom is with the map and the kids. Adorable!

<3 You're the best! PS - Linked your blog in the last post I did :) :)

Shannon said...

The title card for Jul 18 – 24… is that an instagram photo? If so how did you print it? I just got an iphone and have all of these photos that I don’t know how to print without cropping them???

packmom said...

It all looks great. Wonderful additions like the map and 5-day forecast and tickets. They really add to the charm of the album. What a fun filled summer you've had!