August 4, 2011

Fun Summer Day

There were a couple of reasons for getting together last Saturday.  The first was to celebrate the life of Mark Radeke, long time family friend.  Saturday morning was his funeral service, which as far as funerals go...was amazing.  He will be missed.  Amazing person.

Second was to celebrate this cool guy's birthday!  Happy Birthday Nathan.
Too bad his mow-hawk was already flattened from the pool.
Maybe it's because I'm PMS-ing and a little emotional, or maybe because funerals make me appreciate everything I have and take for granted, but it was such a nice day to spend with family.  It was a gorgeous day, (almost) everyone was able to make it (sorry Emma and Andy, JoAnn and kids), we had the pool, tons of awesome food, it was great.  Days like this make me sad that I don't live closer to everyone.  I wish things like this could happen more often.  Well, they do...I just don't usually get to go!
Got to hang with a bunch of my favorite ladies.
Syd and Ga-Ga (not "Lady", just Grandma)
The boys got a little rowdy.  I'm not gonna lie...I was nervous for this inner-tube.
It case you were wondering.
Sydney did LOTS of jumping off the deck...
...and I do mean LOTS!
My sisters.
More Sisters.  Lots of girl power going on over here :)
Second Cousins :)  Love these pictures.
Why don't we have a pool?
Silly Family Picture
Nice Family Picture.  Love these three <3
Know what the kids love?  Cupcakes. was such a nice day.  Fun was had by all.  My kids slept GREAT that night.  I hope we can do it again soon.  Love my family :)

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Anonymous said...

love this post!!! It was a great day!