September 9, 2011

Tomorrow's Big Race :)

Well, tomorrow is the big day!
I've been working the whole summer to get ready for tomorrow's 8 mile race.
 I've stepped out of my comfort zone and reached goals I didn't think I would be able to reach.
I went for runs when I really didn't want to.
I was fortunate to be able to go for runs when I really did want to.  (thanks to my extremely supportive husband who put the kids to bed numerous nights while I was out for a run.)

After 3+ months of hard work, I think I'm ready.  I know this is no marathon or anything, but EIGHT MILES is not something that I ever thought I could do.  
My work ethic pretty much sucks, and I'm not too good at setting goals (and actually reaching them) when it pertains to exercise (or anything else), so I am pretty excited to run this race tomorrow.  

Oh...and did I mention that the race is on Mackinac Island?
...and that my amazing in-laws will have the kids.  So Dan and I have two days up-north...with no kids...and a couple of Spaniolos!  Yay!
(mackinac city...2007)  
...and here's a little Pinterest loveliness I found on the topic.

Wish me luck!


Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

Good luck, I think it's awesome that you trained and are going to do this.

Janine said...

SO SO PROUD of my Sara!!! Way to go girl!! You inspire me....ok, like for a day(-: Love you!