October 29, 2011

Office Re-organization

I've really been trying to keep my office a little more organized the last few weeks.  It makes it a little easier to want to go in there and actually "work".

This is what it looked like when it was first finished:  click here

However, since that was 2008 and I've accumulated more crap over the last 3 years, it started to look like a bomb went off.  Not only is this my "office", it doubles as our catch all room.  Since my craft table is too tall for little hands, I tend to use this as a dumping ground for all things I want LEFT ALONE.  Then I have no room to work, and I never go in there (except to dump more crap).  Vicious cycle.

Anyway, I digress...
I recently bought a new computer and wanted to set up a "work station". ( I have some big news coming about this very soon...Eek!)  
In addition to the new laptop, I also invested in a pretty nifty wireless keyboard, mouse, and monitor that syncs up when the laptop is within 70cm of the monitor.  (isn't technology amazing???)

I took some time to purge, organize, then re-organize my scrapbook supplies until I found a system that would work a little better.  Here's what I came up with:
 Most used papers.  Like I said...I did some serious purging.  So  much old junk that I never used.
All of my inks, embossing supplies, and such were well within reach of little hands.  These went up to a much higher shelf.
 My favorite cards are lined up in a basket, so I can reach in and grab one when necessary.

Tried to gather the majority of my project life supplies into one tote so I can just grab it from a shelf when I am working on my layout for the week.
 Not the most organized...but once I get my new kit with the "core products" they are all neatly organized in their own box.  Yay!
                             Project Life by Becky Higgins
Finally, a little caddy to keep my most used tools, journaling pen, sharpies, adhesive, stapler, ruler, bone folder, paper trimmer, scissors, etc.

It feels great when I finally have my desk cleaned off and it's usable again.  aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!


Colleen said...

Hi Sara,
Your scrapbooking stuff looks so organized! love it! Good luck with your new venture . . . you mentioned in your comment on my blog!! Very exciting : )

MaryAnn Perry said...

I love an organized room.....my looks like a bomb went off.....numerous times.....in multiple places....and has caused mass destruction.....but honestly....i'm getting rid of as much stuff as possible....and only keeping what I need for project life!!!! But umm could I have your built-ins please?

Tara Sobie said...

Oh. My. God!

You are a rock star! I am so proud of you ... and now that I said that ... I'm so jealous! Our stuff is always packed away. I made jokes about turning Emma's room into a scrap room but it's turned into a GIANT closet instead. YUCK.

Either way ... my next organize project: Project Get All This Mail/Paperwork The Heck Out Of My House ...

AHHHH! I'll let you know how it goes: HA!