October 26, 2011

Some Free (or almost free) goodies

I am so thankful for the blogs I read daily.  I have been able to take advantage of some amazing deals over the past few weeks.  Some of these are free, and some are just really good deals.  Just thought I would take a minute to share!

First expires this weekend, so check this out first!  Jessica from the Mom Creative shared a free photo book from Paper Coterie.  This expires on Oct. 23.  
Mom Creative - 31 days of Memory Keeping

I've only ordered once from this site, but was blown away by their attention to detail, quality of the product, as well as the shipping and packaging materials!  They are amazing!  This is a very good deal!!!!

Another great deal is this awesome (seriously awesome) life planner from Erin Condren
I've seen this planner before (and fell in love) but since I didn't think to "pin it" or at least write down where I saw it, I totally forgot about it until MaryAnn @ Cherish Everyday posted this awesome deal.  You have to sign up for Plum District if you are not already, and buy the coupon.  Totally worth it!  Got this $50+ planner for $20!
Can't wait for it to get here. (THANKS MARYANN!)

Another awesome deal, also from Paper Coterie...

A free memory keeper box.  This is awesome for all those things you want to save, but don't necessarily fit in an album.  Kids art work, baby shoes, favorite baby outfit, photos, project life stuff??? possibilities are endless.  

So, with the code listed below, it's free (just pay shipping).  
Mom Creative - 31 days of Memory Keeping
I am totally getting one of these.

I took advantage of their free journal,(this has already expired) and picked up this: (please excuse the horrific cell phone picture!...oh, and my broom in the background)
This was a $15 journal and all I paid was the shipping ($7 or $8-ish)  It is hard cover, 80 pages.  Very nice quality.  These would make great gifts.  I've seen them offer the free journal before, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to catch this free journal promotion again.  I'm going to try to grab one for Sydney.

So there you go.  These are just some of the promos I've seen over the last few weeks.  Happy Shopping!


Colleen said...

Thanks for sharing! These are great. I love my EC planner!!! I think you are going to be very happy with yours.

MaryAnn Perry said...

I was just getting ready to do a post like this!!! I'm waiting to get my photo book in the mail!! So excited to see how it turned out!!!

MaryAnn Perry said...

Oh and I love how your journal turned out!!! I ordered one of the boxes for letters that Matt and I wrote during my days while I was in training in Flight Attendant School in Chicago and he was here in Arizona...before cell phone days again I can't way to get it in the mail....

Tara Sobie said...

I can't wait to see how your planner turned out!!