October 5, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

 Here are the last 2 weeks.  I even picked up my photos on Monday so I could get my post up on Tuesday...oops.

Sept 19-25th

Sept 26- Oct 2

I sent my photo order to Costco before the game was over...but this is TOTALLY my photo for the day.  Can you say 4-0?????  Yes, that's right.  Undefeated Detroit Lions.  Woot-Woot!


packmom said...

Love your fall decorations and the photo strip with your family--too fun!

Jenifer said...

Love your albums! Just ordered my first Project Life kit and am so excited to get started! I kept looking at your blog and thinking it looked so familiar! Then I realized I used some of the same elements in mine! Ha! small world!