October 20, 2011

Super Fast, Super easy

I am in constant awe of the gals over at eighteen25.  So much talent!  As soon as I see one of their projects I say to myself, "Self...I must make that!"

They recently featured a project that was "Semi-Homemade" (you know, like Sandra Lee) with a quick little printable tag, and store bought soap.  Duh...how easy is that!  I decided to give it a go for Bryce's teachers.  (What Pre-school teacher doesn't fear germs!!!)
The best part was finding all the Halloween Stuff at Bath and Body Works for 75% off.  Score!  I picked up several hand soaps and hand sanitizers (with a spooky Halloween design) for $6.00.  I had the ribbon and paper already, so this was CHEAP!  

Next up was my version of another craft they featured for treat jar toppers.   Seriously, you print this free printable and stick it on a jar...cutest little gift idea!  
I used their design for inspiration, but wanted a Halloween theme.  
So there you have it!  Two super easy, super cheap ways to make your poor three year old look like the biggest brown noser in his pre-school.  

Other eighteen25 projects I've swiped:
Easter Treat Bags


MaryAnn Perry said...

I soooo lovve this and may need to steal this idea!!!

Colleen said...

Hi, Coming over from Sunny Side Up. I made a comment after yours (love her blog!!). Just took a peek around yours. Cute blog!! Now following. i am inspired by your project life posts. I was once a scrapbooker (not much of late!) so the whole project life thing intrigues me.