November 29, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Here are the last few weeks.  Believe it or not...I've had them done, just haven't gotten around to snapping pictures and uploading them.

November 7-13th

November 14-20
Took my post from here and copy and pasted it into a long journaler from Ali Edwards.  Love these.  Included my b-day cards from Dan and kids on the back.  (and yes, I'm totally aware of the horrific sewing job.  I really need to get a real sewing machine.  This hand-held p.o.s. that I've been using is just not cutting it.  (and I'm too lazy to change out the obnoxious red thread)

November 21-27

Used a digital template from Cathy Zielske to document our Christmas Tree (and allowed me to include a few more photos).  Printed them as 8x10.  Not very happy with the quality of my photos this week.  For some reason, the color was way off and they are totally blown out.  Please excuse the bad pics!  Bought the Turquoise edition digital journaling cards from Jessica  Loving how much easier it is to print on my cards now!

Hope your album is coming along nicely.  Can you believe it is almost December?!  Four more weeks and this album is complete!  Holy cow!


Colleen said...

You really make me want to start Project Life! I love your 31 post -that's awesome!

I forget if I asked you this before but were you a traditional scrapbooker before PL? I am so INTRIGUED but have yet to make the move.

packmom said...

Your book is really coming along and looks great! Love the tree cutting pages and those turkeys made with feet. Fun!

Jen said...

How do you use the digital journaling cards? What type of paper do you print them on? Do you use them in Word? I am new to Project Life and my handwriting is horrible.

Heather said...

I love these! I still haven't gotten around to getting my kit, but once the holidays are over and our wallets have recovered a bit, I'm getting on board with this. I think it would be so fun for our kids to look back on (and us once they are older and we want to remember all the great stuff we did when they were younger).