November 30, 2011


Yup...we are really original like that.  I read the book to the kids and we talked about how he needs a name, and this is what we decided on.  Shelfy...our elf...on a shelf.  At least we won't forget his name!

 Hopefully with this little bugger watching carefully and reporting back to the big guy, these kids will whip it into shape these next few weeks.  HA...I can't even say that without laughing.  Who are we kidding?  Oh well, at least we'll have a little fun in between timeouts from here to Christmas.

I noticed on Pinterest last night there were tons of cute ideas to do with "Shelfy".  I am totally going to use these.
Source: via Sara on Pinterest
Source: via Sara on Pinterest
Source: via Sara on Pinterest


Colleen said...

these ideas are all really cute! I love the glass one.

My husband just texted me to say "you're so creative". I asked why. He commented on our elf who was fishing with some yarn!!! I said pinterest!!!

Kim said...

Love the one with the elf under the glass! :-)

The Blackburn Buzz said...

We are original, too! Elfie is the name that our kids picked ... ha! Love Pinterest for Elfie ideas - he was hanging from the ceiling fan this morning. Going to several of those you posted. Thanks! :)

Caught up on your blog - hope you are doing well and enjoy the Christmas season.

Terri Hocking said... come no one noticed the Maxium magazine!? Leave it to a grandma...right?