December 7, 2011

Super Nanny...I mean Super Shelfy

I think I might be putting a little too much pressure on poor "Shelfy".  I'm not gonna lie...I throw the guy under the bus several times a day (figuratively, not literally), and I am totally enjoying that he has to be the bad guy.   Over the last week, things like this are constantly slipping out of my mouth:  "You two better stop fighting over that __________ (insert insignificant thing they are fighting over)...Shelfy can see everything you are doing and he is going to tell Santa".  "I sure hope Shelfy didn't see/hear that".  "Do you want Shelfy to tell Santa you just did that to her (him)?"
Every day after he is discovered, I move him to his "perch" up above the stove where he has a clear view of the whole house.   Nothing goes unnoticed from this vantage point!
What the heck am I going to do after Christmas is over and I have to pack him back up in the box and store him away????  I think I am getting more out of this elf on the shelf concept that the kids.

 I thought it was only appropriate that our elf is a little silly and naughty...just like my kiddos.  Here's what he's been up to this past week!
Left to right:
1. Shimmied up the light fixture (don't mind the dust)
2. Got tangled up in some garland
3. Had a marshmallow fight with his dinosaur friend
4. Drained my ipod listening to Christmas music all night
5. Left a money trail to my purse where he...
6. Fell asleep in my wallet
7. Got into Sydney's potty chart stickers and played with some toilet paper
8. Drew a silly face on a photo with dry erase marker
9. Soaked in a marshmallow bath

Silly Shelfy!


Heather said...

I have been seeing Elf on a Shelf everywhere on Pinterest. I was thinking of waiting until next year, thinking it might freak Gia out to be watched all the time...but if you are having luck with this...I'm thinking I should put an order in for an Elf asap! Too bad there wasn't something to be used year round that would diminish the arguing that goes on in this house over the most ridiculous things!

Love the antics that Shelfy has been up too, cracked me up!

The Wallace Family said...

I love the Elf on the Shelf ideas so cute and I am quite sure you are not the only one that says those lines all day long:) I can't wait to use my Elf on the Shelf creatively like that. Right now Kendall doesn't understand him! St. Nick did leave her a stuffed Elf on the Shelf that she can play with and it is so cute!

Shannon said...

OMG your ideas are SO cute! I LOVE the marshmellow snowball fight and the bubble bath!!! Hysterical!

Stacy said...

The girls are loving naughty Shelfy and seeing the pictures of what he is up to daily! Thanks for the laughs and for being "the cool aunt" :)

Terri Hocking said...

All I can say is crack me up!!! :-))

Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

Same old silly Sara! This post was quite funny! AND I'm totally using the idea!