February 20, 2012

My favorite iphone apps for photos.

I have spent (way too much) time scouring the app store (and some awesome IG-ers) looking for fun ways to add something extra to my photos. I've seen lots of cool photo effects through instaram, and would not rest until my pictures looked equally awesome.  So...here I give you, my top 10...wait, I just counted and there are actually 8...OK, my top 8 apps for making your cool photos even cooler, right on your iphone!
My first favorite app is Instagram. (Free)  If you have an iphone and you have not signed up for instagram, you must live under a rock.  Go get it NOW.
I've been having so much fun with this app, not just for the cool photo effects, but because it allows you to "follow" your friends, or others and keep up with their photos too.  Love, Love, Love.

Next is Camera +  ($1.99)
I take every single photo on my phone with this.  I feel like the photos are better quality has better options than the regular camera.  It allows you to zoom, it even has a timer so you can take cool shots like this:

For putting text on my photos, I love to use Phonto (Free)
This app allows you to take a photo, or upload one from your phone and just start typing text.  You can change font, size, color, and tilt.  There are a ton of fonts to choose from, and I love that you can make the text opaque for a cool effect.

Another must have for adding text is Label box (Free)
This app creates fun labels like the photo above that can be left blank, or write text on.  I love the label maker tape in red and black...

While we're on the subject of cute labels...Masking Tape is pretty much ridiculous. ($.99)
It looks kind of shady when you first open it up and look through it, but I promise you will not be disappointed.  There are a million color/pattern choices for the tapes you can create:

I mean, seriously??  How much cuter is this picture with a little masking tape behind your text.  I know what you are thinking...Holy Crap Sara...you must have way too much time on your hands.  I really don't, I just ignore everyone and everything and spend obscene amounts of time doing "monkey business" on my phone.  Mother of the year.  I know.

Diptic ($.99) gives you several different ways to lay out your photo to create a collage, or add multiple images.  For example:

Do you love the "bokeh" effect and the look of lens flare?  Check out LensLight.($.99)  It is way too fun.
iPhone Screenshot 2

...and finally my go-to app for photo editing, and adding some fun effects with minimal effort is Pixl-r-omatic. (Free)
It has lots of filters, lighting options, and frames built right in.  Along with many other apps, you can upgrade for an extra fee and "unlock" more options, but it has a great amount that already come installed.  

I have a handful of other apps I use for frames and such, but these are the few I use daily.  If you have found some great ones, please share!  On second thought...don't.  My husband already gives me the stink eye whenever I am on my phone.  Which is all the time.  So, whatever...tell me anyway!


Becky said...

Thanks for all the great apps. I love Camera+ and I also use it for taking all my pictures. It is much better than the built in camera. I downloaded a few of yours and I can't wait till tomorrow to take a few pics to try them out.

jamie@eighteen25 said...

i'm so happy you shared these. i'm making a list of all the new apps i need now. :)

The Collins Chronicle said...

Thank you for sharing!! I just got our iphone (for the camera features among other reasons) and have been having a blast playing with taking photos of our everyday life! I am visiting from eighteen25 blog site! There are definitely a couple of apps that I am adding to my list now!

Abby Devine said...

Thanks for sharing... just downloaded almost all of these. Can't wait to try them out. I already love instagram and camera+

Kelli said...

thanks, woman! this is awesome!

Ethan Smith said...

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