February 23, 2012

Project Life Update: Week Seven

Here we are...week 7.  Of 2012.  What the heck?

Anyway, I approached this week a little differently.  Tuesday night at photography class, we were given our last homework assignment.  We were instructed to put together a life portrait.  As the instructor was explaining it to the class, I couldn't help but think of Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" project that I have always been interested in trying.  This was the perfect opportunity.  I took the concept, but not exactly the process.  I relied completely on photos, and not so much on the documentation.  

This was fun because it forced me to dig a little deeper into telling a story with the pictures, rather than capturing an event that took place during the week.  I tried to focus on the little details of daily life.  What we do, what life looks like right now, pretty much the basic Project Life photos I take anyway.  It was fun.  No glamorous, not exciting.  Just normal.  Here is what I came up with.

 complete layout.
 Left Side
 Right Side
 I found this quote on Ali's blog by Mary Jean Iron...this put into words perfectly how I want to treat this season of life.  The back side is a panoramic photo I created stitching 10 or 11 photos together from our neighborhood last week.  (also part of our assignment).  I explained about my assignment and how I was feeling.
 Also used a baseball card size protector to include Bryce's first Valentines he got from his friends at school.  So adorable!  I'm sure I will trash the rest from here on out...these were just too precious to throw away.
 V-day cards Dan and I exchanged.
...and the completed layout in the album.  

Linking up over at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday...er...Thursday ;)


The Wallace Family said...

Love your layout for this week!! What a great idea to focus on the pictures! They turned out great and I love the baseball card pockets for the Valentines...Great week!

sharon71 said...

Great approach to your 'day in the life' it was quite motivating to me - I've been wanting to do it but wasn't sure about how.

Thanks for sharing.

Abby Devine said...

Your layouts are always so great and inspiring. I've been wanting to do A day in the life too, but wasnt sure how to approach because the other seems so tedious. But love your idea!

Shannon b said...

I love this! What a great snapshot of your life. I like all the labels on your photos, the inserts, and especially that quote. Great job!

packmom said...

Your project turned out great! and the best part is it will be something to cherish for years to come.