February 28, 2012

Project Life Update: Week Eight

I had fun with this week.  I don't know why it came together so easily, it just did.  I found so much inspiration from the last link up, so I was feeling creative and tried several new things.  I even bought a new sewing machine!  Ok, it is a cheap-y model (probably meant for 10 year old girls), but since I have no intentions of sewing anything but project life stuff...it should do.  
Full layout.  Again, almost all photos were from my phone this week and a few have really poor quality.  Need to stop being so lazy and take my real camera with me!

 Left side.  Busted out the new sewing machine and it took a while to get the hang of it.  (clearly you can see from my awesome stitching on the quote card...nice!)
 I keep forgetting all about my letter sticker stash, so I am trying to use those more often.  Simple but fun title card.
Getting the hang of the stitching now.  
Right side.  Not sure why it is so blurry?  Sorry.  Oh...did I mention I went to Detroit to see Lady Antebellum on Saturday?!  Amazing!!!!  Got to hang out with my sisters and brother too.  Bonus!

I know...Prim-o seats, and for the record...NOT me singing in the background. :)

  I took a screen shot when I was listening to Pandora the other day and cropped off the "stuff" around it for this  picture above.  also included our ticket stub.  The rest is pretty much just photos, stickers and washi tape.  I really wanted to include something on the filler card, just not sure what yet.

So that is my week.  I'm off to link up over at The Mom Creative and drool over all the pretty stuff!  I hear she has an awesome guest post-er this week! ;)


Jules said...

Fab pages! I love the use of all the labels and letter stickers. And I think your photos look just fine. Stinkin Booty - that is too funny!
And I'm totally envious of you getting to go see Lady A - lucky you!

Sarah K said...

I caught that little wink at the end there, my dear!

I'm so proud of you for posting Project Life Tuesday on a Tuesday! Go you!! :)

Very jealous of the Lady A concert, by the way. Bet you had a blast! I think my favorite part of your layout this week is the Quote card on the left page. So, so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pages!

Wendy T. said...

Love the colors in this spread. Very cute conversation with your kiddo, too. And I'm totally tempted to buy a cheap sewing machine just for PL, too. Which one did you get?

Becki@Just The Three of Us said...

LOVE you layout this week! The stitching adds sooo much! I bet the concert was awesome! We went last week and took Bailey with too to see Brad Paisley, Scotty McCreery and The Band Perry. Best country concert I have ever been too! Even taught my girl how to "rush the stage"! Have a great week!

Emily said...

LOVE the Sleeping Beauty story. That is priceless. And I'm jealous of the Lady A concert!

camilla said...

Love all the little details. Especially love the little conversation that ended in you being called as big as a dinosaur. Adorable :)

packmom said...

You always add the perfect extras to make your pages so special. Love looking to see what you'll do next.

Juli said...

Love your pages! I too bought a cheap-y sewing maching not too long ago but it just wasn't working for me...so disappointed. Maybe I will have to try my Mom's...!

Julie Coryell said...

Your pages are beautiful! So clean! Love the letter stickers you used on your title card. Great job!

Kelli said...

OH my gorgeous! The color is so fun! I love it and the screen shot idea, perfect! I pinned your quote 3x4 because I am challenging myself to stitch this week :) So lets hope I get on that :) who knows once I start stitching I may not stop! LOL