March 2, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist

Last week Bryce had his first trip to the dentist.  I was so impressed with how well he did!  I explained to him what he could expect for several days before the appointment.  He knew all about the cool new toothbrush he was going to get, and how he could pick a special prize from the basket.  He was pretty pumped.
He sat super still while he was getting his cleaning, and they even let him watch a show on the tv above his head. He loved how the chair went up and down, and the Hygienist even let Sydney take a ride in the chair too!
He was so excited about the bag of goodies he got to bring home.  (Spinning fire-fighter toothbrush and his very own tutti-fruity floss!)  Besides the horrific cavity that needs a filling (eeeeeeek!) it was a success!

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