May 21, 2012

He's Four Years Old!

This kid is awesome.  I was lucky enough to get the best (first) mother's day gift four years ago.  My little guy was born on Mother's Day 2008.
 How in the world have four years gone by already?
 With his birthday always falling on or close to mother's day, it's usually a big celebration around here.  This year was no exception.

Thursday was Bryce's Mother's Day tea party at preschool. 
The kids made us pictures showing their favorite thing about mom (that I love playing outside with Bryce...ha , ha, ha!)
We were served some amazing snacks, in addition to iced tea and lemonade.
 He was one lucky boy to get to celebrate his birthday and have a party at school on the same day.

Friday was his actual birthday, so we opened a few presents at breakfast (yup, drinkable yogurt) and went to gymnastics. 
 I think Sydney was a little more excited than Bryce was.
I decorated his room after he went to bed so he could be surprised when he woke up.
 I think it worked????
 Balloons were a big hit.

 Dan took the afternoon off and we went downtown for pizza at Peppino's.  We did this last year and funny enough, he remembered and wanted to go there again! 
 After dinner we went to six one six (right on the river) and had some ice cream.  It was a fun and gorgeous day!

Saturday we went to Dad's to celebrate Andrea's 50th.  Of course we snuck in a little celebration for Bryce too.  
Sunday was yet another party, this time at our house.  Dan's family came over and we celebrated all the moms, as well as B's birthday.
It was a long weekend or parties and celebrations and I loved every minute of it.  I am so blessed to have such an awesome little guy.  He is smart, funny, always the life of the party, sweet, thoughtful and just plain cool.  Happy Birthday Bryce!  We love you so much!


Colleen said...

happy birthday to your little man! you look great in that picture after having him! I think I have hair envy!

Ashley @ said...

I can't believe I never thought to decorate my boys rooms for their birthdays.... Next year I am all over it!

My son turned 4 this year too. I feel like turning 4 is when they morph from baby to big boy...

Have a great week!