May 31, 2012

Project Life Update: Week 18

Week 18
Week 18 full layout
Left side:  pretty much did a photo + journal card each day.  In "catch-up" mode!
Title card.  So happy that I took advantage of the NSD sale stocked up on the 12x12 cardstock.  Loving the different colors and patterns from the other collections!
Little bit of lovin on our favorite baby sitter.  Love that she takes (and sends) me pics while she's here. 
Right side:
Used some screen shots to showcase some of the crazy things my kids say/sing/do.  They are obsessed with Party Rock.  Bryce sings it all the time.  Also took a video of Syd singing Backyardigans in the car.  The kids think the words to Adele's "Rumor Has It" are "Mama has it"...and I totally it will stay that way! Hilarious! 
When they are not driving me crazy, I really do have some funny kids.

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