May 31, 2012

Project Life Update: Week 17

Here is week 17
Here is my full layout for week 17.  I added one insert for my Instagram Photo-a-day collage.  (see below).
Left side:  I had so much fun with my new sewing machine this week!  I pretty much washi'd and stitched the heck out of everything.  It's so easy to add just a little something, but it makes a big difference.  (I think?)
See what I mean?!?  A little tape...a little stitching...bam!
I even tried out some of the fancy stitches.  I found that with white thread, it helps to double/triple up on the stitching so it shows up a little bolder.
Right Side:  Met up with an old friend, had a GREAT time catching up, joined the gym, went on a date, then a family breakfast date.  More tape, more stitching.  I am so thankful for my iphone.  It has helped me capture so many of the little things that I would not have photos of!
I love how easy it is to make my own flip up pages with my sewing machine.  Its fun to be able to add a little extra journaling, another photo, or a text message conversation.
And finally, I added a little insert for my April photo-a-day pictures.  I actually did this collage right on my phone and just cropped and printed.  Added some patterned paper, washi tape, letter stickers and done!

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Luisa said...

Love how your pages have turned out! How were you able to make the collage on your phone - I too have an iPhone yet I don't have a clue how to go about doing something like that!