June 4, 2012

Last day of school.

It seems like I was just freaking out about whether or not Bryce would be ok in school 2 days a week?  Would he miss me?  Would he have fun?  Would he make friends?  Now I'm counting down the days until September and both kids will be in preschool 3 days a week!  My, my how things change!  :)

Bryce finished his last day at preschool a few weeks ago, and I had to compare his first and last day pictures.  I feel like he has grown so much over these nine months.  He has gotten taller for sure!  I am surprised mostly at how much his vocabulary has increased, and just the way he talks to me now.    He is such a big boy all of a sudden.  Certainly no trace of baby left in that face.  :(
His teachers have told me what a riot he was to have in class.  He loved dancing and singing, and always gave them his signature thumbs up and wink combo.  Such a charmer.  
He is such a cool kid.


Colleen said...

He is so sweet!! Time goes by so fast. I hate it!

Catherine at Design Editor said...

This is as sweet as can be!

Pinkie said...

Yes life passes us too quickly, it's funny because I was just blogging about that this morning and then read your blog (which I mightily enjoy) and there were you pretty much talking about the same thing. I wish I could get life back, and return to th baby years sometimes...but then I would miss all the funny, sad, drive me crazy moments of when my daughter was growing up.